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Bed Bugs: They’re back.


Are you ready?
Decades ago bed bugs were associated with dirty homes and hotels. After many years and a lot of DDT, the nasty pests that invade mattresses, furniture and other tight spaces and places, seemed to disappear. Over the years pest control companies typically got about two calls per month about them. That was until just a few years ago. Today pest control companies throughout the country are hearing that phone ring more and more with an average two calls a week.

The pests are making such a nuisance of themselves that they’re even being written about in trade publications and popular press, including an August 2007 article in the Associated Press (a nationwide news service).

How are bed bugs coming back to Indiana?
They’re hitching a ride—in suitcases, backpacks and other travel gear. Today bed bug infestations aren’t simply tied to dirty environments. Once the bugs travel with you or your family from a hotel stay, national or international vacation or business trip, they hop out of your bags and make your bed and furniture their new home.

What’s a traveler to do?
Even if you’re staying in world-class, five-star hotels, bed bugs can be a problem. First take a look at the mattress where you’re staying, if you see reddish dots on linens and mattresses, chances are they could be bed bug blood or droppings. If you wake up in the morning with bites, it could be from the bed bugs. You won’t see these critters during the day since they’re nocturnal. Let the management know and be sure to clean out your luggage and clothes well before returning home.

What if I’m already home and finding bed bugs?
Bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate. Do-it-yourself measures don’t work. (We’re not just saying this because we’re a pest control company.) Call Circle City Pest Control. We’ll apply the right treatment to infested areas and can work with your family to make follow up appointments and treatments as needed.

Would if I’m finding bed bugs in my hotel?

It can happen. Travelers from other areas of the country and world can bring them into your hotel, budget to luxury. Call Circle City Pest Control. We’ll use discretion to manage, control and eradicate unwanted bed bugs.

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