Circle City Pest Control

Household Pests


Ants: Two basic types—nuisance ants or carpenter ants

Nuisance ants are small ants that can invade your home at any time. The good news is these ants are easy to control. A technician sprays around the base of your home, as well as areas where you’ve seen the ants enter so you can get control of this pest. Circle City technicians also leave bait for any stragglers. This clear gel smells sweet to the pests and attracts remaining unwanted ants, who take it back to the nest for the other ants to consume and die off.

Carpenter ants are large ants that can grow up to one-half inch or more in length. They are primarily nocturnal. Outside, they nest in places like rotten tree stumps and in soil under fallen timbers. Inside, they can have destructive eating and nesting habits. They can consume and contaminate sugar, honey, cookies and even butter and steak. The ants look for small cavities to tunnel (spaces around windows, doors, baseboards and fireplaces) and can cause considerable structural damage if not controlled.

Spiders: Seeking warmth from cool Indiana evenings

Spiders typically come into Central Indiana homes in the fall when the evenings tend to start getting cooler. They’re seeking warmth. There are nearly 400 spider species in Indiana. Get control of them by cleaning out their Webs, taking them back outside and calling a pest control service to spray for control.

Mice: When it’s cold, they’re bold

Who wants to stay outside on those cold Indiana evenings? Not us and not them. Whether you’ve seen a mouse or found its droppings, call us. We can set traps, bait or glue boards to catch that mouse before it becomes a problem.


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